Queen Movie Review

Music…Simplicity…Story!!  Now that’s what you call 100% Bollywood.


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Queen Movie Review

The last Bollywood movie that did to this me was Udaan. Queen is not just another  average movie from woman’s film genre, those who have watched and really watched it will know. The opening dialogues and simplicity pave way for the entire movie into your heart. You *figuratively board the flight with the character in a heartbroken state and come back triumphant with a smile that refuses to cease for a few days.

Throughout the movie you know you aren’t being served the typical ‘Indian Swiss Romance/Dance Tale’ you can actually relate to every moment and dialogue. The beautiful scape of feminine emotions, the subtlety of reactions and experience in a different country and the simple characters gives you 146 minutes (I wouldn’t miss the end credits) of the signature escape that ‘Bollywood’ is known for.


Nuff said!

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