Happy Election Results Day


Finally, the most awaited day of this democracy is here. The day that would decide its fate for the coming 5 years. The election results are here and this time it is huge because of high-pitch competition,plus the election was itself the biggest since Independence.

The people would take revenge for bad governance or would give UPA another chance? Would Modi-Ki-Laher finally reach Dilli’s power corridor?  All questions shall be answered by today evening.

The people would answer now. The democracy would speak up now. All hail the holy day of democracy the day of election results.

 Jab ahl-e-safa-Mardud-e-haram,

Masnad pe bithaiye jayenge

(When the heretics and the reviled will be seated on high)

Sab taaj uchhale jayenge
Sab takht giraye jayenge
(All crowns will be snatched away All thrones toppled)- Faiz Ahmad Faiz


BTW, even google is excited, they just put on a new doodle dedicated to election results
Google Doodle_ storypage
May the Best win.


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