Dimple Negi:

DimpleShe sees the world from her own tinted sunglasses, loves reading and is fearless to the point of being neurotic sometimes. The peculiar work title comes from the ability of never being able to sit calmly and always looking for ideas and inspirations in everyday life. When not buried in a pile of books or writing off the hook, you will mostly find her on street with a camera and her beloved cat ‘Tipsy’.

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 Prashant Sagar:

prashantOur founder, he keeps juggling with multiple roles- a writer, entrepreneurs, activists, poet…. and what not. You grow up fast when you grow up in a state with rich past and haunting present. You get to know how rotten a system can be, how privileged thrive while others cry. Hence you turn into a default rebel. So is he…

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Shachi Kaul:

Shachi Kaulshachi is a web enthusiast and a compassionate writer from INDIA with utmost dedication, determination and positive attitude for serving humanity. With a coffee running through her veins, she passionately battles each day, enhancing her creativity! She enjoys in exploring different people and surfing internet like discovering some interesting websites. She spends her quality time in playing musical instruments and preparing powerpoint presentations as well.

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JaiminHe is our expert on economy, and Sociology. He passionately writes on issues like sociology, economics and political policies. “An anarchist habituated with critical thinking and passionate to liberate many subconscious minds”, that’s how he describes himself!

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Vishal Verma:

vishal He is our movie guy! A very Happy go lucky guy. Here for some movies reviews, loves everything about movies, even the worst ones have their own charm. Will not bore you with long detailing reviews. So, why to write a long bio here as well. Cinema Changes You!

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