Yuva Revolution

Yuva Revolution is a group of dreamers striving to bring a productive change.


Yuva Revolution is a young NGO being run by young people from different parts of India with a common goal of making positive change in the Indian System. The whole team of YR is on an average aged around 20, and thus we can be called inexperienced and naive but our we are a determined lot and our determination is enough to overcome our naivety.  In the modern times when NGOs are being blamed to be the harbors of black money, YR comes as a fresh breeze.We don’t accept donations from anyone, and run on contributions from fellow group members and accept just voluntarily contribution from others.

     We presently work for the promotion of Right to Information (RTI), Right to Education(RTE),  RTR (Right to Recall) and upliftment of education system. Apart from that we take different projects in between like recently we helped a village get a school, and helped in created awareness about Bhopal Gas Tragedy and involvement of Dow chemicals (union carbide) during London Olympics.

     We use this online space to create awareness about different social and political aspects and yes, to voice young people like us who are heard the least in this Nation. Lastly, we can be called Dreamers of modern India, dreaming the “Great Indian Dream”. So,if you are a dreamer hop on we have space for all no matter which ideology and which region you belong to.

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