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Voicing the Unheard, what Kashmir has to say on Ongoing election : BBC Hindi did a campus hangout in an engineering college of Kashmir along with students and here is what different students said :

Anam : “I would study 4 years and become a computer Engineer but finally I would end up as a ‘teacher’,but I don’t want that. Why aren’t we give such facilities that gives us jobs here only.

Rabia : “We made Umar Abdullaha CM thinking that he is young and would understand us. Instead of bringing jobs, he brought ‘Zubin Mehta’ to kashmir. We want #dell and #wipro, we don’t want #zubin.

Junaid : “We just want our #rights, If there is a terrorist attack on Mumbai you won’t see Army doing rounds of the city.But in Kashmir they are everywhere. Even when we move out of the state, we are seen with suspicion.

Huda : “I won’t #Vote,why should I vote for those who killed my brothers and raped my sisters ? Go to villages, you would find hundreds of widows, and hundreds of those who don’t know where their husbands are.
Gang-Rapists of Delhi are being hanged, but what about Rapes by army people in Kashmir?

Tabinda : I want to vote. But to who? Then again on the day of election the whole atmosphere is #curfewLike. Is it same in Delhi ? I believe not.Then why here.

Iliyas : Do you think a government that bans #sms desrves to represent us? Who shall we vote?

Nadia : I won’t vote. Our main issues still remain unaddressed. When our brothers walk on street they are now and then stopped and rounded up by the Police and Army.

Hamid : The attitude of Indians towards Kahiris is not at all good. The youth here wants #Freedom of kashmir. Even the educated section of India do not understand our feelings.

Kashmiris studying outside Kashmir were also included and this is what a student said (He actually answered most of them sigle handedly):

Jamrud(Jamia college) : You can’t blame it all on the government.I have been living in delhi for 5-6 years now and those Kashmiri brothers and sisters who believe that Kashmiris are discriminated are absolutely #wrong.

You talked about #ZubinMehta but what about when Kahmir is shut down due to calls by #Hurriyat.

The situation of #unemployement is more or less same all over India.You say that companies are not visiting your college but when the talks on removing #Article370 is brought up,#geelanirejects it. How would companies visit colleges then?

BBC hangout

BBC hangoutK

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