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If you wish to join us, Kindly drop us a message below and we will revert back to you. Alternatively, you can drop us a mail too, at our email ID- contact[at]yuvarevolution(dot)org  (replace [at] by @ symbol, and (dot) by the dot symbol)






  1. I wanted to know if I could join you guys


      Hi Shonali, Thanks for showing your interest in joining us. Please drop us a mail at contact[at]yuvarevolution[dot]org That way you will be added to our permanent contacts list, and you could be contacted for any of our future activities. Also, inbox us on facebook too on our page-
      Stay Connected!

  2. हर्षित

    नमस्कार “युवा क्रन्तिकारी” के साथियों
    मेरा नाम हर्षित है
    में हरयाणा राज्य के रोहतक जिले का निवासी हु
    में B.Tech. की पढाई कर रहा हु
    मैंने आपके बारे में जाना और में भी आपसे जुड़ना चाहता हु

  3. john clouds poblete

    hello good day to all staff of Yuva Production. I would like to ask you how to join?…i have my own poem and i want to publish it and recognize my work.
    Thank you very much and God bless us all!

  4. Shashikant Sonawane

    Can i be the part of your team…


      Hi Shashikant, Thanks for showing your willingness to join. As of now, we are not taking any new members in our team. But we may soon expand our bases after some planning. For now, if you wish to contribute through your writings- poem,articles etc.- you may send your write-ups to us, through email or through FB message to our facebook page. If we like your articles, you may get onboarded to our author team, as permanent members. For any further queries, please write to us on our email ID, or inbox us on our facebook page.

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