Offended? Go, kill yourself!

Offensive. That is offensive. This is offensive. I am offensive. It is just that these imbeciles want “legalization” of information control (which is, nevertheless, empowering the government with more legitimacy and clandestinism) or say exchanging liberty for security, and nothing else.  Announcing “I am offended” is indirectly telling the world that you can’t control your own emotions, so everyone else should do it for you.


When you make them to think, they are offended. When you scorn their leaders, they are offended. When you defend your ideas, they are offended. When you do what interests you, they are offended. Solution, according to them, is reporting to the police and receiving the award of “good citizen”, without realizing that they just have blocked free liberty to speech and expression for themselves and of others.

I like offending people, because I think people who get offended should be offended – Linus Torvalds 

In the past, I authored few articles. Bet it. I received “dislike” from these imbeciles, because they are unready to unplug their mind from conformity. You may observe the comments of my this so-called blasphemous article: These “offended” mates seem to be in solace with ignorance and “seen” side.  Expecting them to ponder over “unseen” side is like seeing fire creating the wood.

Ricky-Gervais-quote2What these pussycats fail to realize with their so-called real eyes is that they are suffering from “cognitive dissonance” and “stockholm syndrome”. What these imbeciles also fail to realize is that there is lot of difference between rational argumentation and irrational premises. At the end of the day, they prefer bailing out the irrational premises than rational arguments.

To administer them with rational thoughts is like giving medicine to a dead person. Last but not least, mark my words, no one is offensive, except your choices you make. Don’t tell me you’re hurt. Ask yourself; why you allowed to hurt yourself?

About Jaimine

An anarchist habituated with critical thinking and passionate to liberate many subconscious minds.


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