It’s been a long time;
Since she left;
Yes, it’s been a long time;
Inside I felt;
Sitting in the coffee shop;
Adjacent to her house;
A quintessential place it was for us;
Where more often we met;

I remember the sweet memories; as I look ahead
Lost in thoughts; lost in time;
My cup of coffee gets cold;
As I look through the glass shop;
Across the empty street;
I look at the closed window;
The closed flower shop beneath;
The ice cream parlor beside;
I was reminded of her
I feel a tinge of pain;
I smile a mild, as I watch a couple sitting before me;
Perplexed on how to talk;
This is how for the first time I felt;
Fearing a wrong move;
Fearing her rejection;
So many words unsaid;
So many words unwritten;
Its strange;
How time flew?
What I was in the past?
What I am now?
Inside occurred me;
A sea change;
A warm person now;

Stubborn I was;
Nothing moved me;
I shout upon her;
I snapped her;
Devoid of feeling
I used to be;

About Ritesh Prasad

I am Ritesh Kr Prasad ,a management and law grad. Reading and writing are my life blood.A fierce advocate of freedom of Speech,Equality and Human rights.

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