Diwali Beyond Crackers

no to crackers

Lights , candles, crackers, and sweets,

That’s my menu for Diwali treat.

Walking down the market, I searched for the things,

hopping from one shop to other, like a spring.

Somewhere at the shop, I met a  cute little girl,

dressed in a pink with lots of pearls.

What are you here for, O little girl, I asked with smile.

For some sweets and candles, she said after a while.

Don’t you like crackers, I asked to her,

Yes, I like…, but I don’t prefer.

Crackers, they are amazing but create pollution,

It makes me sick, she said in frustration.

Please, miss don’t buy crackers,

It makes you happy but makes me sicker. 🙁  🙁

Innocently and cutely, she made me felt that day,

My actions could make someone to pay.

Diwali is a festival beyond bursting crackers,

All you need is friends, family, colorful candles, sweets and some little chandeliers.

Gifting her some chocolates, I thanked her that day,

For what miss, she asked in an innocent way.

Nothing my child, I paused for a while..

“Have a Happy and  Cracker Free Diwali” ,Miss … 

she wished and left with smile. 🙂  🙂


About Ankita

An engineer by profession , I believe inspirations can be drawn from anywhere while assembling them into a structural thought and giving those thoughts a shape and color on a piece of white paper is my part time job.I enjoy places, cultures and cuisine with utmost pleasure. My message to all " Be human, Be you"

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