The RIGHT was never right.There was nothing left in the LEFT. Thus here is a boy opening the gift boxes of horizons in search of a new ideology.

The Good And Bad Habits Of Smart People

Source: The Habits of Smart People When asked if they would rather be smart or dumb, surely everyone would answer smart! If you’re looking to improve your mental capabilities you can start by following in the footsteps of some of the smartest people in the world. A person’s Intelligence…

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Happy Election Results Day

Finally, the most awaited day of this democracy is here. The day that would decide its fate for the coming 5 years. The election results are here and this time it is huge because of high-pitch competition,plus the election was itself the biggest since Independence. The people would take revenge…

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Kashmir Uncensored

Voicing the Unheard, what Kashmir has to say on Ongoing election : BBC Hindi did a campus hangout in an engineering college of Kashmir along with students and here is what different students said : Anam : “I would study 4 years and become a computer Engineer but finally I would end up as a…

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