8 Types Of Friends We All Have

No matter where you go in this world, you meet a special species call friends. Though they vary, but their general types remains more or less same. Take a look and write names of your friends who fall in following categories.

1) The Nerd aka ‘Gyaani Baba’ :

cartoon_geekpngThis guy is the reason you passed your internals and completed your project. He usually wears a ‘Chasma’ and loves hanging out with his laptop more than hanging out with real people. But he has an answer to every technical problem.

2) The ‘Cry-Baby’ aka ‘Rondu’

downloadThey can cry at a hat’s drop. “would Cry for food”. They remind me of a tribe in Rajasthan called “Rudali”, because their prime profession was crying. These friends always have their way as they end up crying if opposed.

3) The Rich Friend aka “Bade Baap Ki aulaad”

images (2)


This friend belongs to a family of big shot businessmen, bureaucrats or Politicians. He spends a lot and has a lot of ‘Lovers’ around. He thinks of himself as a version of Bruce Wayne but is even humble at times.

4) The Poor Guy aka ‘Raju Rastogi’

3_idiota_08This friend seems to be one on who the 3-Idiots charcter’s Raju Rstogi was based on. He has a not so strong financial condition. He refuses to go to trips and bars, but yet he is dragged in by the Rich Guys in the group who mostly pay for him.

5) The Lazy Friend aka ‘Aalsi jeev’:





This friend is usually your ‘Roomie’. He says he would clean the room when his turn comes, and when it comes he begs you to do it as his assignment is still due.

6) The Abuser aka ‘Censored’

download (1) They Can’t complete a sentence without a cuss word in it. They love to ‘swear’, even in public places, because that is how they talk. If life had a censor board their whole day would be full of beeps. They majorly belong to regions in and around delhi. *Yahan pyaar mae gaali deta hai,kabhi pyaar mae gaali bhi hota hai*

7) The Crush aka ‘Pehla Pyaar’


This friend was probably your first love but you never confessed. Now he/she is in a relationship but still hangs out with you. Time to confess baby!

8) The Best Friend


This friend is that person who is there when the whole world seems to be against you. He is more like your alter ego. But yes, these Best Friends can be pain in the ass at times, but hey!that is what makes them your best friends.


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