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John M Keynes was not bad on bed

Seems “fifty shades of government” stimulated Keynes a lot. I am least interested to confab about THE sexual lives of individuals or celebs, but the grand damage done by “apoplithorismosphobic” Keynes’ theories simulated me to articulate Sean O’Grady news-report on Keynes sexual life. Putting “sex lives of politicians” into Google…

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I don’t wanna be an “economist”

Yes, lounging in an air-conditioned room, an economist breaks your shoulders with the help of government and sells you a statistical book on “unemployment, money and interest rates”. If you’re uncommon, you are unlikely to buy it. If you’re common, you would unconditionally hail this astrologer. This sesquipedalianist can “astrologically”…

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Free speech is freely unfree

A foolish man learning that the Buddha observed the principle of great love which commends the return of good for evil, came and abused him. The Buddha was silent, pitying his folly. When the man had finished his abuse, the Buddha asked him, saying: “Son, if a man declined to…

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Why I am not a statist

Perhaps anarchists and libertarians would not bother to read this, because they are already experiencing ‘critical consciousness’, but – however – this article can be forwarded to those who are hopelessly inured to protect the integrity and caliber of ‘false consciousness’. I’m an ex-statist and, today,  it gives me splendid…

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Unable to touch

Now, this is HOW the pledge should be: “India is my [hobbesian] nation. All Indians are my chaavas and items. I treat everyone with insanity and untouchability”. LOL. I hope, here, I am brutally offensive? (Do read: “Offended?“) Albeit majoritarians and “educated” bhakts vehemently clamor “modern” India, in this 21st…

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