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East Delhi Church attack, and what it means to India

Prolusion: India is socioculturally blessed with “unity in diversity”. It is an organism which integrates the domain of Indian unionism. Sadly, India is also cursed by some extremist versions who also happen to debauch the unification of diversities. This article is inquisitively authored by our guest writer Dr. Edmond Fernandes.…

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Assoiling ‘Love Jihad’ and evoking ‘Free Love’

The Modi government has enough to spend on building “the statue of unity” than allocating the same expenditure for girls education. Great God. This article is an “unpaid” piece endeavored to add ‘coherent’ substances against the [un]real claims which is peculiarly generated by the violent mysticists in order to malign…

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Mario “Dracula” and the other vampires.

It is an “objective” truth that Mario Draghi is semantically confused. He’s in the good news for bad reasons. I am disliking his “apoplithorismosphobia“. He’s masquerading the economics of deflation. His European Central Bank (ECB) is now all set to inflate the so-called disinflated European economy. Many bankers and voters…

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