An anarchist habituated with critical thinking and passionate to liberate many subconscious minds.

Give me freedom and shut the f**k up

Life, I think, without liberty is nugatory. Whereas, liberty, without freedom, is inutile for any human being with a sound mind. Unfortunately, many statists are set to horrendously dismiss my premise because they have been hopelessly inured to vociferously sell “dangerous freedom” and to blatantly buy “peaceful slavery”. The real…

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Offended? Go, kill yourself!

Offensive. That is offensive. This is offensive. I am offensive. It is just that these imbeciles want “legalization” of information control (which is, nevertheless, empowering the government with more legitimacy and clandestinism) or say exchanging liberty for security, and nothing else.  Announcing “I am offended” is indirectly telling the world…

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