The ‘incoherence’ of #InternetHindus

Brace yourself. They are coming for you, the moment you coherently disagree with their views. You’re not entitled to deviate at all. Be another brick in their “saffron” colored wall or else ‘go to Pakistan’. They resort to strawmen argumentation to ad hominem and will curse you anytime, when you valiantly endeavor in making them to think about the unseen side of a given reality. So, my benevolent advise to you, never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. Telling you from my critical observation, never argue with such online mobs, they will drag you down to their level, then beat you with ‘daily’ experience. This doesn’t mean that you have to censor yourself to massage their ignorance. Keep on discoursing, irrespective of their ‘liking’ of your facebook comments.

One of the painful signs of years of modern education, due to “Hindu rate of growth“, in India, is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument. They can vent their emotions, thump their chest, question your motives, make bold assertions, intimidate you, repeat slogans like “har har Modi” — anything except reason. Nevertheless, they may know what they are saying but they are unknowing the implications of what their saying actually does. To simplify what I just said, it is my avocation to think beyond illusions. I am not propagating myself here, but expressing my scientific disgruntlement after experiencing the imbecilic level of argumentation from the mass society of Internet Hindus. Internet Hindus is an ever-growing online community of Modinomics. They are basically apologists of the right-wing politics and have taken over almost political discourses on the internet. The term ”Internet Hindus” was coined by former CNN-IBN deputy-editor Sagarika Ghose, in 2010. Describing ‘Internet Hindus’ as a swarm of bees, who come swarming after you at any mention of #Modi, Muslims or Pakistan. She coined the term to “describe a specific group of people online who describe themselves as Hindu nationalists, and who operate in well-organised groups to attack—in foul language—those perceived as liberal.”

Deciphering their saffron shades:

1) On critical thinking: You are a conspiracy theorist. You are Khangressi or AAPtard. You are against India.

2) On Modi: If you’re not his supporter, you are a fucking liberal pig. Be with him or against us. You JNU sucker. Marxists burn in hell.

3) On Vajpayee: Stay nostalgic or else lick the butt of ISI. Stop watching NDTV.

Well, I am an anarchist. OK? So, it is not the right time to discourse whether my ideology is a conjectural idea or not, but trust me: Internet Hindus are downgrading Hindus, like the way Islamic Terrorists have done to Islam. Yes, both are different, but still similar in fanaticism. Seems legit, now? They raise their voice, but don’t unlearn to learn. They scorn you, but won’t improve their argument. Felt like posting screenshots of their comments, but it would be uncivilized on my side to infringe upon their discretion. But, however, I suggest you to review my two so-called ‘blasphemous’ writings:

1) Uneconomical Modinomics:

2) 6 Reasons why I don’t want India to become a Superpower:

…and then try posting these on your facebook wall or twitter to behold the rise of what all I said (don’t forget to read the comments). Open challenge to them: Dare to coherently refute the two links as posted above. Bye.

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An anarchist habituated with critical thinking and passionate to liberate many subconscious minds.


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