sees the world from her own tinted sunglasses, loves reading and is fearless to the point of being neurotic sometimes. The peculiar work title comes from the ability of never being able to sit calmly and always looking for ideas and inspirations in everyday life. When not buried in a pile of books or writing off the hook, you will mostly find her on street with a camera and her beloved cat 'Tipsy'

बड़े बाबू, छोटे बाबू

बड़े बाबू, छोटे बाबू वर्ष 1996 की बात है| पिताजी एक गवरमेंट इन्टर कालेज में कार्यरत थे, और मां एक स्कूल में टीचर| बड़े भाईसाब ने दूसरी कक्षा में सर्वप्रथम आकर तीसरी कक्षा में दाखिला लिया था, इसलिए अब हम भाई बहन की विगत अठखेलियों के प्रति उनका कुछ ऐसा…

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Queen Movie Review

Music…Simplicity…Story!!  Now that’s what you call 100% Bollywood. [usr 4] Queen Movie Review The last Bollywood movie that did to this me was Udaan. Queen is not just another  average movie from woman’s film genre, those who have watched and really watched it will know. The opening dialogues and simplicity…

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Nymphomaniac Review

 An intellectual lunacy  that… [Lars]… so beautifully displays that it becomes provocatively evocative… [usr 4] Nymphomaniac is the third and final installment of  Lars von Trier’s infamous The Depression Trilogy ; the other two are Antichrist and Melancholia. You either love it or hate it when Lars directs his favorite muse  Charlotte Gainsbourg…

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