Nymphomaniac Review

 An intellectual lunacy  that… [Lars]… so beautifully displays that it becomes provocatively evocative…


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Nymphomaniac is the third and final installment of  Lars von Trier’s infamous The Depression Trilogy ; the other two are Antichrist and Melancholia. You either love it or hate it when Lars directs his favorite muse  Charlotte Gainsbourg and lets her take Stellan Skarsgård on a journey through the life of a Nymphomaniac.

When it comes to food for thought, Lars wickedly spins his tale in a way that drives away a certain part of an audience, the kinds who will either be turned off or on by the 3 hours long promiscuousness. Then there are those who akin to Seligman are bemused by the intriguing mix that can dole out a quote as profound as (Each time a word becomes prohibited, you remove a stone from the democratic foundation. Society demonstrates its impotence in the face of a concrete problem by removing words from the language ) in a context of a notorious sexual act (* I can seriously hear Lars laughing)

Quite honestly the raging critics had me  wondering whether they even dwelled in the intellectual lunacy that Lars so beautifully displayed concealed within the wanton Joe. Couldn’t resist quoting Gemma Hatchback

If a man is highly sexed he’s virile.
If a woman is, she’s a nymphomaniac.
With them it’s power
but with us it’s a disease!
Even the act of sex is called penetration!
Why don’t they call it enclosure?”

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