Click or Not To Click- the ‘Privacy’ question

How much time does it take to take a picture, upload in on the internet, bask over the likes and shares and then mourn its short lived glory. Alright, now compare it to the the time it takes for someone, who is at the receiving end, to forget this violation of privacy?Probably a lifetime.

This was long due, but I am a ranter guilty as charged and I allegedly waited for something like this to happen to me before I wrote it down.

My friend and I, got together for a few drinks at a very reputed bar in C.P, it was his birthday and we had lots of stories to catch up on and very little time. We had downed a couple of drinks and it was then that I noticed a girl who was sitting adjacent, taking our video. It took me a moment to process the shock and then I reacted. It  not only ruined the moment, but left me completely aghast as to why we bother waging so many wars against censorship when our own mind can’t filter the bad from the good.

Consider this, my cousin came back from college and I cooked lunch for her after I served her, she took some pictures, filtered them, then shared it on social media and by the time she finished, the food went cold and so did the taste I suppose.  Then there was an instance where I had gone to a temple and I saw a sweet couple on the run, I took their pictures and mail-i.d. Weeks later when I mailed them the pictures they exclaimed that they couldn’t thank me enough as those were the only photos they had of that day.


So what exactly are you supposed to click. There was a very interesting theory I read about ‘sharing photos’ since I can’t recall I will just write down the  bits I remember.

“Say, you took a picture of your friend doing something funny, you shared it with your friends and they shared it with theirs and it got famous in some faction of the internet, we are thinking 4chan and r/funny. Now, in real life it’s like you found your friend doing something ludicrous so you dragged them to a stadium full of people and those people had a good laugh.

Or how about you went to your grandmother’s for a dinner and she flipped out an album, here is when I went to this restaurant in XYZ and this is what was served and here are 50 more photos of it.”

Sounds crazy right? YES! because it is.

I don’t know if I should even be affected so much because we aren’t living in 19th century, but I have always preferred a humble phone and never felt the need to document a moment so badly because it couldn’t be felt in its entirety whilst it was happening.  Somehow, keeping the memories in your mind always felt right than keeping it on USB drives, cloud storages and what not and that too when you’ll probably never look at them again. What really happened to those good old albums that took you back to ‘that’ day again, no matter how faded the photo turned with time.





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