The small boy and Me

And the sun goes high, when the morning I rise,

every day I saw this boy, small in size.

Shirt open, collar so high,

walked like a man, he greeted me “hi”.

Here is your morning newspaper lady, he said with style.

thank you little boy, I said with smile. 🙂

Do you go to school, seriously I asked,

no he said, he replied in haste.

It’s not what I wanted; it’s the choice I made for,

money is what you spent and money is what I work for.

He was a child but he was so right,

wrong by the choice but the priorities made him fight.

Fight for food, fight for everything they want,

every moment is a war with the life they daunt.

The problems I have is so less to what he has,

the small boy made me realize that day. 🙂

Soon I heard a continuous ringing tone,

wait, I realized it’s my morning alarm clock.

Opened my eyes, I was still on my bed,

well, my friend that was a beautiful dream I had.

Standing near the balcony I waited in joy

Not for the newspaper but for the small boy…… 🙂

~ Ankita Anki



  1. Jiyo yeh hui na baat!!!

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