The Forrest Gump's poster

The Forrest Gump’s poster

Forrest gump is the most vivacious movie i ever saw!! Story of 1950s. A guy name forrest gump cripple, i.q level below 80 manages to perform extraordinary work in various fields in American history!!

The screenplay by Eric Roth and character of forrest played by Tom hanks. Movie had a lot of ups and downs.. even having i.q level below average the man was dedicated to his work,his mum, his friends and the love of his life. The line “RUN FORREST RUN” has its own magic.!!!

The girl keeps running in this movie and always gets herself into trouble and to her rescue forrest always appears!! The movie had a lot of amusing scene which will make you think differently about the origins of most popular brands and personalities. Despite these movie also have its tragic moments which i better not say as it may spoil your fun. The background music is also awesome and takes you to a whole new level of emotion!! All in all movie is a full package of entertainment and worth every second of yours!!

I give this movie : [usr 4.5]

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