I don’t want girl child

I don’t want girl child


Am I not equal to a boy child?

Am I not equal to a boy child?

The caption -“I don’t want girl child” might be a howl of revilement for you. Right? Well, writer is well-acquainted with this fact that reading this article’s caption is a bit disgusting, shocking and an outrage might born within like a burning fire. Sarcastically, this cannot be neglected that the writer’s life might be at risk if women activists cross this write up’s caption. But, there is nothing to feel offensive or discriminated because reasons behind the negation of wanting a Girl child will unfold gradually. Grab all your senses and mind to analyze the facts and sensual words.

One day, one of the houses of India shocked when they came to know something. What was that “something”? What happened that day? Let’s see.
A young girl of 19 years of age, sitting on her knees, mother oiling her hairs and massaging her head energetically. Mother’s oily fingers nourishing the hair roots, giggling and laughing, gossiping with the apple of her eye. It was such a jolly and cheerful like environment unless triggered by the strange but, a common issue.

Mother: My daughter has grown up! (In a sarcastic mood) What’re your future plans, my Gurdiya? We are planning for your marriage in 4-5 years.
Chitra: (Prompted) Neither I want to leave my original home nor I WANT A GIRL CHILD, Maa.
(Suddenly tears rolled over her cheeks endlessly as if such emotions had been hidden since a long time. Soon that pleasant environment changed to 360º .)
Mother: (She turned Chitra towards her and noticed her crying. Shocked and surprised in awe. Her mood swayed.) Why dear? Girls symbolize as a brave multi-tasking superhuman on this planet. Then why are you not proud of it?
Chitra: (Crying heavily) Because usually girls have to suffer the changes, Maa! She has to leave her house after marriage. Not only this, if I would give birth to a girl child then I would have to depart her from me someday but in case of boy child, it is by default privilege to live with him for my entire life as a support. And who don’t want to have support in their aged critical time. I don’t want to segregate later for whom I’ll be devoting my entire life, nurturing with love and lessons. Why such common LEGAL discrimination, Maa?
Mother: “LEGAL”?
Chitra: Yes, legal because the mentioned “used-to” happenings are legally organized by society itself. These are so called predefined rituals and customs, followed illogically just because these are so called unchangeable customs.
(Mother was just about to say something but again prompted by Chitra)
Chitra: Not only this vicious society Maa, it seems that nature too involves in discrimination. Its vital laws such as we used to suffer around 10 days severe pain and inexplicable discomfort in every month. Yes Maa, a Menstruation Period!
Mother: Honey, it is a rule and prescribed by nature to become eligible to be a mother. Menstruation is a boon, my dear.
Chitra: Though it is and it must be something for which should be happy about. Okay, I accept that Nature too discriminating between a boy- girl child that can’t be changed but how the society is treating to this “Menstruation” Concept. Maa,

  • People used to make fun and mock at girls during the menstruation time
  • Trait of shyness automatically arrives within girls when they go for buying sanitary napkins because of a fear of what will that shop-keeper think
  • Treated as an untouchable or any dirt
  • Some are not allowed to enter the kitchen or even a temple

Why maa? There is no logical reason behind the above experiences. Is it our mistake of having this period mechanism? Girls have to bear each and every taste of life but most of the time grief only sticks to her. She experiences pain and still don’t get appropriate respect as a result.
(No darling! Mother too started crying; hug her tight as if she knows what that feels and experienced the same.)


Tremendous creature of many hands (Multi-tasker)

Well, just a dramatic, generic but a sensual and logical thought disturbed that girl’s mind, Chitra. “Chitra doesn’t want a girl child.” Think for a moment. Why she came up with such a controversial thing? Does this stubborn society held responsible for it? Behold your reasoning senses for some following short key points which are usually experienced, trained or taught to a girl during her growth by her family—

  • A girl is always taught to be adjustable.
  • A girl realizes that remorse feeling of separation from the family.
  • A girl is always taught to make her husband and his family comfortable and happy, sacrificing all her dreams, desires and become “Sati-Savitri”
  • A girl is always especially told to consider her husband’s home as the primary one neglecting her original home after marriage where she passed her childhood memories.
  • A girl ought to be a multi-tasker as not only pursue a job infact, burdened by household responsibilities as well.

In reality, do the above stated points applied on a boy child also? Were they also used to be given such special lessons? Obviously No! Then why only the girl child? I think girls are not by default born with some kind of supernatural powers. They too possess the same senses, two legs, two hands, brain to think and heart to beat.  All in all, let’s now bring the analogy by replacing a girl to a boy child.

  • A boy is  always never taught to be adjustable.
  • A boy never realizes that remorse feeling of separation from his family.
  • A boy is always never taught by parents to make his wife and her family comfortable and happy, sacrificing all his desires.
  • A boy is always never especially told to consider his wife’s home as the primary one neglecting much his original home, his original parents.
  • A boy ought need not to be a multi-tasker as just need to pursue a job and need not to be burdened by household responsibilities.

So, this was the story behind the curtains of drama. Dear readers, do you still believe that the caption- I don’t want girl child is a rebellious thingy? I guess, now your perception for the caption has been turned upside down. A girl child is undoubtedly not weak, but our customs and traditions make her to be. Congratulations! Nature had created both girl and boy equally but we people had partitioned ourselves on our own. Who are we to differentiate between the two sexes? Pity to state that society itself created such norms to gulp itself. Isn’t it a kind of cutting the branch on which you are sitting?
Well, note it down that this very thinking like of Chitra’s might not be only hers, infact, most of the girls too very well acknowledged with the common struggles struggled, so called ‘lessons’ they are being taught. Women empowerment is not about getting reserve seats in politics or some reserved quotas only. It is neither getting special selection seats for the govt. jobs . Women empowerment would only be understood and should be started from the root level, our common Households. Let’s not imprint an invisible stamp on any gender defining their “do’s or don’ts” lists. C’mon it is their respective desires, goal and interests.

We need to grow up! Change is the name of life and better growth, and such a breathtaking serious social issue lies top the most.

SOLUTION: Selective gender should not taught to be adjustable. Both need to be a multi-tasker, understanding nature and possess open-minded persona. The service women too involve in the same service as the men do. They too become tired after working for so long hours in the office. For instance, if a husband from office comes early than his wife, man should have that inbuilt nature of understanding a fact that her wife is tired, let’s not force her to cook in that exhausted low state and find out some solution to either cook himself or think something else. Well, there are any such instances where both need to understand each other and abolish that specific gender mandatory work.
Can these changes be possible in reality? Yes, absolutely! The time when we all will change our mindsets. When we actually realize the importance of equality for both. Then only the writer can assure the readers that “I want girl child” will be get fully aborted and another new heaven-like era will establish because now there are safe and equal.

Are you a change maker? Test yourself by not only talks but your actions and reactions. Actively participate in the movement “Game of Chain” where an individual be inspired by another fellow, then another fellow be inspired by that preceding changed fellow and so the chain goes on.

DECLARATION: I am a proud human being, a proud girl and will participate in demotivating sexism. I, SHACHI KAUL, will try to be an effective change maker for the society so that the caption “I don’t want girl child” would never be incorporated within anyone just because of the illogical reasons mentioned above.

About Shachi Kaul

Shachi Kaul is a web enthusiast and a compassionate writer from INDIA with utmost dedication, determination and positive attitude for serving humanity. With a coffee running through her veins, she passionately battles each day, enhancing her creativity! She enjoys in exploring different people and surfing internet like discovering some interesting websites. She spends her quality time in playing musical instruments and preparing powerpoint presentations as well.


  1. As women in the 21st century, we struggle in the same way that all the women in the world have struggled before us. It is nothing new. But now, our vision for womanhood cannot be confined solely to marriage and child rearing. While these are certainly important and do tend to be central to our lives, there is so much more that we are capable to do as women. But even when we multitask, it is not recognized. But when a man has to babysit his own child for a day, ’cause his wife is working, he is appreciated like anything, almost given a trophy. Patriarchy is the root cause of the condition of women on earth. It is time to put an end to the dynamics of patriarchal religion, in which a woman’s “salvation” (liberation) is tied to her sacrifice and obedience to the presiding social norms. It is time now, that women should seek the kind of power and visibility that has historically been the prerogative of men. It is high time to eradicate all the dominant sociocultural gender norms. Womanhood needs to be defined by women. For too long it has been defined by men, the media and advertisements. If we do not help girls define womanhood, they will be defined. The call of redefining womanhood is deep, challenging and broad.

  2. I appreciate, Kirti! Your revolutionizing thoughts and perceptions towards the common problem are recommendable.
    Yes, I do agree with the fact that woman’s freedom always be in risk since from the ancient times. But now, here the time comes when there is utter need for the significant change in the situations. And this ‘seed of change’ must be nourished within everyone, starting from one. Well, let’s take a positive note that one day mindset of every human on this planet will change one day.


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