Edge of Tomorrow Movie Review

This movie makes the summer of 2014 even  more awesome and variant!

4 Stars    (4/5) –  EDGE OF TOMORROW REVIEW

Heart throbbing action star, who also packs the killing looks is running again, ripping apart dangerous aliens, and delivering his superb act once again. Yes, Tom cruise is back with a vengeance! The summer of 2014 has brought the best movies of the year, and so far it’s doing great, on top of it, “Edge of tomorrow” fetches another victory emblem for it. Why? Read the review below.

This movie is based on an underrated Japanese Sci-Fi short novel released as “All you need is Kill”. The producers wanted to retain the same name for the movie as well, and they did use it in the early publicity events but they later changed it to “Edge of tomorrow”. Edge of Tomorrow basically revolves around Tom cruise with his screen name as “Cage” and her female counterpart played by Emily Blunt known as “Rita”. The core concept of the movie is to relive the same day over and over again once you die, this is used as a power by Tom cruise to fix the apocalyptic future. This movie shows the same day in different ways repeatedly but still it looks fresh each time, because it is not a fresh day for Cage as he has the emotional baggage from the previous same-days he has relived already. He tries the trial and error method to achieve his prime goal to save humanity from Alien destruction. You will see Tom Cruise transforming from a rookie desk officer to a highly trained bad ass veteran military man, his attitude will change, his frustration is perceivable and his determination to reach the end goal becomes stronger, gravitating the audience towards the core of the story. This may sound bit odd and mundane in writing but believe me, this movie will get you hooked.

In the acting department, it’s needless to say that Tom Cruise and Emily have done splendid job. The action sequences have been shot well, with long takes and the war scenes just look like Normandy with space ships and rapid moving aliens with deadly tentacles. Movie doesn’t focus much on explaining each and every theory it employs, as explaining too much has become a norm these days, but it’s good that this movie is not following that protocol because it relies more on the character building throughout its run of 90 minutes. The movie beautifully utilizes the emotions of the characters that establish a strong connection between the audience and the main protagonist Cage. This is one of those movies, which will make you feel, how I would have reacted to this situation if I was Cage? The action scenes have been choreographed pretty well with no shitty shaky cams and the shots were long enough to make the scenarios engaging. As this is an American adaptation of a Japanese source material, the positive influence can easily be observed in the Mechanized Mech-Suits, Aliens and the battle environment.

On the downside, the ending was bit predictable. The cage ends up doing exactly what you would have foreseen and that I felt could have been improvised by throwing in some plot twists. I came out of the theater feeling satisfied. This is not the greatest movie of Tom Cruise but this movie won’t fade away easily because it has quality content. This movie is powerful in its own rights. It’s quiet tough to stand up these days against the cavalcade of Superhero movies that are being released in every 2 months, that are well connected, facilitate the audience with all the action adrenaline they seek, however,  Edge of tomorrow was able to make a dent on the superhero bubble. And that’s commendable. I would highly recommend you guys to go watch this movie, surely it’s an entertaining one!

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