Debunking the Muslim Growth-rate Propaganda

Right before the Bihar elections,the population growth rates of different religions were released. (Coincidence,Right?)

The growth rate of Muslim community was higher than the Hindus and it was represented as if Muslims will takeover India in years to come.

Now,Know the truth behind it.Being a student(Self) of Anthropology,I feel it to be my duty to create awareness among the people against the propaganda and make them aware of the real fact. (See the end of the article for the official population graphs)

Fact 1 : The Muslim growth rate is actually decreasing compared to their last decade growth rate. It was 29% in the last decade and is 24% in this decade.

Fact 2 : Anthropology tells us that the Muslim population mainly resides in Urban India. 80% Rural India is in fact Hindu. Now,the non-availability of the Health facilities makes the death rate of Rural India higher than Urban India. This creates the difference between Hindu and Muslim growth rate.

Fact 3 : Muslims are expected to grow faster than Hindus for a couple of more decades because they have the youngest median age and relatively high fertility among the major religious groups in India. But it is declining since 1980s.

Fact 4: The anthropological studies tells us that the sex ratio of the Muslim Community is better than the Hindu,hence further contributing to the higher growth rate.

Fact 5: The prevalence rate of contraceptives among Muslims has been increasing faster than among Hindus and is likely to catch up with the national average earlier than expected.

Fact 6 : when these percentage point declines are compared between Hindus and Muslims, Muslims have shown a 50 per cent higher decline in growth rate than Hindus. This positive higher decline of Muslims compared with Hindus has been occurring since 1981, and is expected to continue in a manner such that the Muslim growth rate will soon be similar to that of the Hindus.

P.S: The writer of the article also took points from a similar article found in The New Indian Express.




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