APJ Abdul Kalam Short Biography

APJ Abdul Kalam Short Biography


On the date of 27th July 2015,
Moment suddenly collapsed,
tears trickling relentlessly brushing the cheeks,
sound jammed the throat and
everything around like become motionless and seized.
Stunned and Freezed.
Numbed and Chilled.
A sudden sharp hit of nausea
when heard the expiry of Kalam sir on Media!!
India lost his pride
India lost his golden masterpiece mind
and with loss of those “fire-wings”
which insolubly eternally ignites every Indian being.
When asked by one–
“Ever anyone can reflect a little like him?”
Fallen lack of words
Answered with a veracious confident shrug-
“My search will never end, I am sure.
‘Cause a legend like him, never could we find, I know”.

Let’s flashback his life’s past time
a man who spread in his entire life, a positive sunshine.

October 15, 1931 Rameshwaram born simple short boy
Avul Pakhir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, his parents named him in joy.
He belonged to a boat-owner’s family.
Father though not formally educated
but a statue of kindness and wisdom he mended.
Father rejected non-essential comforts and luxurious style
lived like just-appropriate satisfied lifestyle.
Mother’s faith in goodness
nourished that boy with rich kindness.
A man having eternal power of spirituality
imbibed wisdom n’ ‘rarely found’ utmost humanity.
Quiet emotionally and materially he lived a secured childhood
Jallaluddin n’ Samsuddin were true motivators in his boyhood.

15-year old boy enthusiastically
then stepped for an Elementary Education happily.
He reached Schwartz High School in Ramanathapuram.
There he settled.
Often he felt homesick and dejected.
Missed the way he sat for lunch with mother on the floor,
demanding her delicious-lunch more and more.
But soon felt relieved by igniting his positivity
and credit goes to his friend, Jallaluddin for vanishing his negativity.
There, one teacher became his ideal,
Iyadurai Solomon
who one day says to Kalam on a bright sunny day,
“To succeed in life and achieve results,
you must understand and master three mighty forces—

Believing in these with utter dedication
he leapt towards the next phase of life with his firm determination.
Stepped in St Joseph College for Intermediate Education.
College requested for a fee of thousand rupee
impossible for him to bear,
losing the college then became his next fear.
But felt a vivid rush of hope
when her sister Zohara mortgaged her own gold,
just to help her brother in achieving his dream and goal.

Then stepped into an aeronautical engineering
goal in his mind was then setting a master clearing.
His dream to fly an aircraft
With all course of learning and failing,
successfully he graduated in 1958 from MIT.
In 1960 joined DRDO
and after 5 years switched to ISRO.

A man with zeal and energy
in 1980 developed India’s first Satellite Launch Vehicle.
Successfully injected near the earth’s orbit
Satellite Rohini
made India got registered as an exclusive member of Space Club.

Awards were like jostling in his life
as in 1981, awarded with PADMA BHUSHAN
followed by another Om Prakash Bhasin Award.
In 1989, Agni Missile was his next mission
and in 1990 got second highest civilian award

A man with precise extraordinary talent,
in 1992 stepped into politics and
became Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister.
In 1993, Surface-to-surface missile he launched
and in 1994 his tenure as Scientific Adviser extended.
Awards were like hungrily chasing him
as in 1997, chosen for BHARAT RATNA,
INDRA GANDHI award in 1998
and in 2000, VISVA BHARATI award honoured him.
In 2000, became Abdul Kalam to Dr. Abdul Kalam.
Serving his nation and his country fellows,
must be his taken Unbreakable-vows.
In 2001, a simple man from the simple family
promoted from Principal Scientific Adviser to India’s Prime Minister
that adds to our history so pleasantly.

A man with deeply dedication surrendered to his people.
In 2002, name got registered in the India’s history
as his name announced for the 11th President
and in 2007 ended with his majestic presidency.
“27 July 2015”
Alas! Came a memorable shattering day
when Missile Man or Children’s Chacha all of a sudden, passed away…!!


   “Some people though died,
but remains an immortal
in our heart and mind”

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  1. Kalam Sir..truly a inspiration..deserve human being..Missile man..!!
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