Something Lost

There’s no place for sorry or thanks in love;
Same with friendship as they say;
I don’t know which class I fit in;
For I address my love as FRIENDSHIP;

We didn’t meet for eight months;
And suddenly on a fateful day we met;
And I realized I lost something I cannot replace;

I love someone, but she gone away;
The promises made were broken But FRIENDSHIP as it used to discuss;
So, why I feel the pain;

It was 6’o clock in evening when I met her;
She was all the more beautiful and glowing;
I asked her who the fellow was with her;
She said MY BOYFRIEND with a smile in her face;
And I realized I lost something which cannot be replaced;

I didn’t let her know my feeling I have for her;
For if she happened to know my feeling towards s her;
She would have felt SORRY;
But there’s no place for SORRY or THANKS in friendship as they say;
I left her at her place and walked alone the roads;

It was crowded as usual;
But I terribly felt alone;
My legs raced, tried to catch my heart beat;
A droplet of tear rolled down my cheeks;
All of a sudden my phone rang;
It was her call;
My hand felt heavy to received the call;
But somehow I picked;

And the sweet voice asked me to meet her again;
I didn’t have the courage to meet her again;
Neither to reject nor to accept her proposal;
For I didn’t know which class I fall in;
For I address My love as FRIENDSHIP;
I broke the promises I made to her;
However, promises are never meant to be broken;
It is just that they stay unfulfilled;
For some more important promises;

But she is still my friend..And we often talk;
My voice crack every time I talk to her;
For I still didn’t know which class I fall in;
Perhaps that is why LOVE if FRIENDSHIP and FRIENDSHIP is LOVE.

About Ritesh Prasad

I am Ritesh Kr Prasad ,a management and law grad. Reading and writing are my life blood.A fierce advocate of freedom of Speech,Equality and Human rights.

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