The dark reality: Erotica!

The dark reality: Erotica!

It makes us disturbingly agitated;
Uncomfortable in our comfortable zones;
As I discuss it uninhibited;
The much hushed subject;
Erotica has something in it;’
Misunderstand or rather misunderstood;
Snapped with a veil or a hood;

A mere mention of the words;
Makes people frown upon;
A much neglected subject;
You buy or reject;
It is omnipresent;
Culture of tradition as we swear by;
Living in a state of denial;
A vehement disapproval;
To accept the scathing truth;
A deep-rooted hypocrisy;
Once again creeps up;
As it reflects everyday;
Like most other subjects;
We shout; we silence;
But we succumb to it;
To enjoy a mundane noon;
To evade a solitary night;
Our original faces show;
In the shadow of light;

However, sinful you consider it;
It is impossible to condemn at all;
As I caught discussing it;
I persecuted upon;
Of being sinful and impure;
My age aids my infatuation;
The great culture and tradition i swear on;
Where there was no dearth of erotic literature;
Ancient people have credulous creation;

The work of Vatsyayana; kalidasa;
The marvelous Khajuraho;
The grotesque rejection;
The formidable truth;
Makes us uncomfortable;
As I discuss it uninhibited;
The hushed – hushed subject;

About Ritesh Prasad

I am Ritesh Kr Prasad ,a management and law grad. Reading and writing are my life blood.A fierce advocate of freedom of Speech,Equality and Human rights.

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