My long distance love <3


Crowded streets, heart so alone,

Is when, I miss him the most.

Crazy rides with crazy songs,

Is when, I miss him the most.

I cried day and night,

to spend a day with, and to hold him tight.

                                            Seeing me in pain, he came one day,

                                            with a hope and love to stay.

                                            Distance can make us apart,

                                            but not our love; he said.

                                            Cities can be different,

                                            but not our love; he adds.

                                            It will be same, like it used to be,

                                            you have to believe and trust in me.

 Taking my pain, he left again,

giving me hopes and loves to rain.

Hope that bound us in toughest of time,

Hope, that added years to our love and made us shine.

We lived million of moments then,

far from sadness and piles of pain.

Who says, it does not work,

when it worked best for me,

All it needed a trust and loyalty to see.

Still fresh like dew and beautiful like a dove,

            Is my everlasting, long distance love…. 🙂 <3 🙂


About Ankita

An engineer by profession , I believe inspirations can be drawn from anywhere while assembling them into a structural thought and giving those thoughts a shape and color on a piece of white paper is my part time job.I enjoy places, cultures and cuisine with utmost pleasure. My message to all " Be human, Be you"

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