An anarchist habituated with critical thinking and passionate to liberate many subconscious minds.

Sentiments are hurt?

Senti-mental people are the greatest threat to the principles of life and liberty, today. Historically speaking, sentimental people have committed various atrocities against deviants. In the current scenario, they have become more dangerous than wild animals. In my view, the crux of the predicament isn’t “sentiment”. It’s basically an incoherent…

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Defy the Deify

These days people are too vocal and bold, when it comes to any discourse on ban or censorship. It is a good thing, because it raises the “critical consciousness” of the society against authoritarianism. But, it is also sad to note that the “politically correct” society is hopelessly dependent upon…

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My discourse with a “statist” student

When individuals argue, all participants learn. In fact, I believe that discussion-ism is a better way of learning. Discoursing is my avocation and also my top priority. I am a professor based in Mumbai and I apply “socratic method” in my vocational life. It has helped me to smoothen deductive-reasoning…

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Statheism is a portmanteau of statism and atheism. Statism: The political expression of altruism is collectivism or statism, which holds that man’s life and work belong to the state—to society, to the group, the gang, the race, the nation—and that the state may dispose of him in any way it…

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Namaste, I am from #BanChod

Guess what? India wants to become a “#superpower“. LOL. No #offence, but it is vociferously vile to behold that Indians require “state” to do that; when their very  obeisance to the organic foundation is antithetical to natural rights. On one side, I am seeing some self-enlightened “urban” Indians wanting “free…

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