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John M Keynes was not bad on bed

Seems “fifty shades of government” stimulated Keynes a lot. I am least interested to confab about THE sexual lives of individuals or celebs, but the grand damage done by “apoplithorismosphobic” Keynes’ theories simulated me to articulate Sean O’Grady news-report on Keynes sexual life. Putting “sex lives of politicians” into Google…

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I don’t wanna be an “economist”

Yes, lounging in an air-conditioned room, an economist breaks your shoulders with the help of government and sells you a statistical book on “unemployment, money and interest rates”. If you’re uncommon, you are unlikely to buy it. If you’re common, you would unconditionally hail this astrologer. This sesquipedalianist can “astrologically”…

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From GDP to GNH to Gross Numbingly Imbeciles (GNI)

Economics is a “social science” and [without any second doubt] it is unabashedly hijacked by the statists, econometricians and ignoramus. In this century, it is vehemently made to appear as a “rocket science” and leaves no influential stone unturned for the sheeples to consider it as a “dismal science”. Economics…

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