An engineer by profession , I believe inspirations can be drawn from anywhere while assembling them into a structural thought and giving those thoughts a shape and color on a piece of white paper is my part time job.I enjoy places, cultures and cuisine with utmost pleasure. My message to all " Be human, Be you"

Diwali Beyond Crackers

Lights , candles, crackers, and sweets, That’s my menu for Diwali treat. Walking down the market, I searched for the things, hopping from one shop to other, like a spring. Somewhere at the shop, I met a  cute little girl, dressed in a pink with lots of pearls. What are…

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” When we were together “

  When happiness was so much & tears were rare, Missing the days, when we were together……… We used to tease and laugh a lot. We fight for the things, we never got. We hanged out day and night. We make things wrong, just to make them right. Missing the…

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