Review – The Edge of Power

“This book is dedicated to an imagined future Prime Minister of India, who might be able to pull the country out of the mess she finds herself in right now…”

In the sequel to The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A. Sinha, The Edge of Power brings back the powerful woman protagonist, Shruti Ranjan, in a new avatar – shrewd yet moral, cunning yet humane – this time, uprooting crime from the very origin. The journey of the protagonist from a naive protege to the powerful leader of tomorrow’s India in this political thriller is captivating, pacy and powerful.

The story rakes up the pertinent issue of gender crimes and views it from the macro political perspective. It dwells into various issues surrounding the apathy of the government towards not just gender crimes, but the general state of affairs of the nation. Based on the recent rape of Nirbhaya in December, 2012, the book is a very thin line between the reality of the country’s state and the fictitious story of the novel.

Highlighting the indifferent and corrupt attitudes of the political parties, the rise of a new power and the anarchic mannerism of the protagonist – the book forces the reader to dwell deeper into the malaise that is rusting our democratic nation. It leaves you seething with anger, and wondering where the real crimes are originating from. The mood of the nation has been captured ardently. It is a 300-page plea to the nation to take back the power in the so-called democracy.

Tuhin A. Sinha has, once again, touched the raw nerve of his readers, leaving them angered and hungry for a revolution.

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