Dallas Buyers Club


Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée
Produced by Robbie Brenner
Nathan Ross
Rachel Rothman
Screenplay by Craig Borten
Melisa Wallack
Starring Matthew McConaughey
Jennifer Garner
Jared Leto

Extraordinary story! Unbelievable McConaughey!

Plot – A careless sex and drug addicted middle aged man is diagnosed positive for HIV during 80s. While he blacks out several instances to death, he wages war against FDA and the society that discriminates him for his illness.

This is a great movie. McConaughey is in the middle of an unbelievable stretch of great acting, possibly the best of his career (Cannot forget his role in Mud ever) and Jared Leto is just as good. The story itself is compelling and heart-breaking on its own but the direction, music, and especially acting elevate it even more.

Dallas Buyers Club isn’t the kind of movie you will watch over and over again. It’s too serious to take lightly, but even though you can’t help but smile sometimes. It’s a sad movie, but still, it’s extraordinary.

Its been nominated for Oscars in Best Picture, McConaughey as Best Actor, and specially Jared Leto for Best Supporting Actor. So, I will be very happy if Leto or McConaughey wins it.

4 stars

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