Blue Valentine- Review

Blue Valentine Review

How do you trust your feelings when they can just disappear like that? 1608567_646924035349350_771801203_n (1)

Absolutely Stunning!

A love story of two people who once loved each other and now several years later they are falling out of love. Looking at the movie’s storyline, it’s the most common problem between people in love now days.

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams are extraordinary, and the way movie is shot makes their performances look very real. The screenplay is genius, some lines are still in my head, and note that, music of the movie is done by Grizzly Bear.

Never thought the movie will turn out to be so good. Derek Cianfrance really knows how to capture a raw emotion. It’s a must watch for people who admire realistic cinema. Very rare you will come across movies like this.

[usr 5]

Directed by : Derek Cianfrance
Music: Grizzly Bear
Running Time: 112 minutes
Written by: Derek Cianfrance
Cami Delavigne
Joey Curtis
Cast: Ryan Gosling as Dean
         Michelle Williams as Cindy
         Faith Wladyka as Frankie
         John Doman as Jerry
        Mike Vogel as Bobby
        Marshall Johnson as Marshall
        Jen Jones as Gramma

(Trivia: Watch out for the end credits effect. It is achieved through a process that Phil Solomon calls “bi-packing” which involves placing two strips of film on top of each other and re-photographing them to create quite a different effect than a standard super-imposition.)

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