8 Things That Bangalore needs Desperately

Though I love small cities more than Metros,but I keep coming to Bangalore for different reasons and I noticed that there are things that this city desperately needs.

1) Subways


Take Inspiration from Delhi’s subways

Fine, you have a subway near Majestic Railway station but Bangalore is such a huge city. I was staying in BTM layout at friend’s place and it had such a busy road with surprisingly no subways.And I noticed the situation is more or less same all around the Metro city. A busy city like Banglore deserves Subways.
Hope Bangalore Traffic Police department take note of it and talks to the government regarding it.

2) Night Life

The short life of 'Night' in Banglore

The short life of ‘Night’ in Bangalore

So, the Night-life ends in Bangalore at 1 AM sharp. I remember sitting outside my friend’s Place and being told a Policewallah to go Inside, Guess ! the time. It was just 11 PM.

Bangalore is a city full of Call-centers who know no difference between day and night. Then why is the government killing the night life with this 1 AM restriction. You can’t even sing in Bangalore “4 Baj gaye paar party abhi baki hai”.

3) Cheaper Auto-Fare

Highest auto-fare in the country

Highest auto-fare in the country

Auto-Fare in Bangalore is not at all fair. Travelling in Auto can burn a hole in your purse in Bangalore. Maybe government can consider reducing some taxes or switching to CNG might help.

 4) Smooth Traffic

Smooth Traffic,Please

Smooth Traffic,Please

I agree Bangalore has flyovers and at times traffic flows smoothly, but not everywhere and all the time. During evening driving in Bangalore might turn into a nightmare. We need wider roads and more flyovers.

5) More Trees

Trees!, Anyone?

Trees!, Anyone?

Bangalore which was once hailed as ‘City of gardens’,today is counted among most polluted city at global and national level.I moved around Brigade Road and failed to find a single natural shade. Plus the pollution becomes unbearable at times.

6) Cycles

We need more "Cycle Days"

We need more “Cycle Days”

The one answer to Pollution and traffic could be CYCLES. Banglorians need to use cycles more for at least moving nearby. IT companies should also encourage their employees to use cycles. More cycles on road would be really good for the health of the city.

7) Time

A little *slow down* won't harm

A little *slow down* won’t harm

In Bangalore,you would find that everyone is up to something. People are always in a hurry.They don’t have time for their friends, family and even themselves. Calm Down! Bangalore, A little slow. Yes…Like That 🙂

8) Love

Spread Love :-)

Spread Love 🙂

Bangalore is slowly turning into the ‘Suicide Capital’ of India (BBChindi Reported it). The competition is really cut throat in Banagalore. So, Won’t it be good if we spread some love around the city. Someone should really start a *Free Hug* revolution in the city.



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  1. Nice post! But as a Bangalorean i would disagree with 5 of the above points :/ and i’ll try my best to explain.

    Auto fare: i agree that for an average earning person the auto fare is high but that does not mean we need cheaper fares, i say this because an auto driver at the end of the day does not earn more than Rs 250 (after paying the rent for the auto, the fuel etc)…we are increasingly forgetting the life of the poor man who is earning barely Rs 10000 per month to feed a family of 3-4 people.

    Trees: While i agree that Bangalore has lost a lot of trees you will still find majestic trees in old Bangalore areas of Malleswaram, Jayanagar etc and we cant really expect a tree on a road such as Brigade!

    Cycles: Studying in a college where people from over 20 states come to study i can safely say that its the popular opinion that the city’s much better than many others in promoting cyclists. However i agree that’s not a valid comparison but its a start and its growing at a rapid pace.

    Nightlife: The 1am deadline is pretty fair i guess…if this refers to the 11pm deadline earlier then maybe yes i would agree with you!!

    Traffic: Wider roads and flyovers are not the solution to smooth traffic…this is one of the most common misconceptions about traffic managements and i can say this as i myself have been stuck in traffic on flyovers and underpasses. The answer to this is a mindset change towards public transport and better traffic management by city authorities. The problem of clogged roads can only be solved if citizens and government work together to achieve this and this is not the job of just one of them.

    But you got me agreed on at least 3 points partially if not completely! 😀

    • 1 AM is fair but look at other big cities 🙂
      And bangalore has highest auto fare in the country :/
      I saw very few cycles on road compared to other cities.
      Yes, Bangalore has trees, it is anyhow known as city of gardens , But still some roads are completely bald :p

      • other big cities don’t face the problem of shortage of police personnel…the Bangalore police had to do a lot of tinkering to extend the deadline to 1am and its obviously going to be blamed on the police if crime rates increase…and Bangalore is happy with 1am so i don’t see a point to extend that as well.

        the highest auto fare in the country perhaps (and im sure you are right) but that doesn’t mean its wrong…if there’s something you need to complain about autos it should be harassment of commuters by the drivers and not the fare…

        cycles on the road cannot be simply judged by a few roads…there are certain areas where cyclists are very active and im sure this is the case with many cities…our cities don’t support the infrastructure to ensure safety of cyclists and hence we should work on that and not to increase cyclists.

        some roads are bald yes i would agree but if you mean roads like brigade and commercial then its obviously going to happen and again, this must be the case with all cities…the entire city cannot be covered by trees and this fact must be acknowledged…if certain areas (residential) are covered with trees its good and like i said, old Bangalore has this property although i would like to see this in new areas as well but current urban policies don’t acknowledge this…this case isn’t specific to Bangalore!

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