11 lesser known facts about Nehru


So, you HATE this guy? Right. Fine.

After all he always stood for even those who disagreed with him. At the time when even many Indian leaders were not in support of “Universal Adult Franchise”, stating that India is a country of low literacy rate, he stood for it, stating that Indians don’t need to be formally educated to be sensible in electing representatives.

Now some of his points that you might love or hate about him :

1) He was counted among top 5 writers of his time,

2) He always wrote his speeches and letters.

3) His historical and often quoted speech that he gave after Gandhi’s death was delivered on spot and not written beforehand.

4) He was a miser when it came to spending on himself, Once Mathai (His secreatary) found him stitching his torn socks.

5) He understood importance of saving energy and water, it was quite usual for him to stop his car and ask his driver to close a running tap.
Once in Saudi Arabia, he himself ensured that every light is switched off ,of the palace he was staying in.

6) Contrary to popular assumption, he never was found of drinking. Actually many of his contemporaries called him a complete ‘teetotaler’. In all Prime Ministerial lunches and Dinners organised under him, beverages were never served (Though it was allowed for foreign guests) .

Once in Russian, on the Indian ambassadors insistence he allowed wine for a party, but didn’t allow any Indian to taste it.

7) But yes he smoked a lot. In his early days, he used to smoke 20-25 cigarettes in a day. Later he reduced it to 5 a day. State express 555 was his favorite brand,

8) He respected Patel a lot. He always walked down to Patel’s house himself whenever summoned by him to discuss anything.

9) He respected Maulana Azad a lot too. They were like close friends. Patel once asked to name most nationalist Muslim leader humorously answered, “Maulna Nehru”

10) He believed in ‘No-Religion’, and used to take pride in his ‘Atheism’. But he gave importance to religious books and kept a Gita with him most of the time.

11) He always took care of his guests. Once a small leader from Ghana was travelling in India during winters, and Nehru all of a sudden appeared at the Railway station with a coat in his hand and said, “Oh ! see if this fits”. And surprisingly it was of that leader’s size. Nehru asked him to keep it. Later, inside the train that leader even found gloves and a muffler in the pocket of that coat.

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