Photography Contest (theme: making a difference)


People always love shooting around lovely pics. So why not have an interesting contest !! So that’s how this photography contest crossed our minds :) Its more of a fun-filled, friendly contest to see who puts in the best kind of pics, rather than being any serious sort of contest for photographers…. So just anyone can come and participate :)

So we welcome you all. Come join us for a fun-filled, interesting contest :) Just shoot a pic and mail it to us, and you can even win a prize from us!!

Here are the details of contest-

>> THEME of photography contest
“Making a Differene”. {Your photograph should he somehow related to this theme.}

>> Submission deadline– 30th September.

>> Selection criteria:-

*The most important selection criteria will he how powerful message the picture conveys. The message being conveyed by the picture will be given higher weiqhtage than any other aspects of the picture.

*The quality and “wow factor” of the photograph too will be given due consideration.

*All received entries will be uploaded on our page simultaneously, and will be left for LIKEs for one day. The no. of LIKEs at the end of day (24 hrs), will also he considered while deciding the winning pics.

Prize and Recognitions:-
*Top three winners will get certificates of recognition from us. The certificates will be sent in pdf format by email.

*The first prize winner will get one tangible, mystery prize, decided by our team. The prize will be delivered either by post/courier, or by online order/transfer.

*All photos will be uploaded on our fb page, but the winning entries- the top 3- will be featured on our website too (

*The winning entries may be selected to grace our page as our “Cover pic” for a certain time period.

>>Method of submission of entries:-

All photographs for the contest must be sent by email to our email ID- with subject line-
“Entry for photography contest”. Entry submission by any other means will not be accepted.

>>Some important information and terms & Conditions:

*Photographs must be original, i.e. taken by the person himself who is submitting it for the contest.

*If it is found that you have submitted someone else’s photograph, then we reserve the right to summarily reject your entry from any further consideration.

*The file size of the picture MUST NOT exceed 1 MB.

*One person can submit “at most” three pics for the contest.

*The contest duration will be 15 days, i.e. till Sunday 30th September. No entries will be accepted after this time period.

*Admins, and members of judging team are NOT allowed to participate in this contest.

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