Marxism and Its Relevance in the Modern World

Relevance of Marxism


Marxism or the ideas and doctrine of karl heinrich marx, the german philosopher,

He studied the erstwhile classical economics given by the scottish economist adam smith who is also regarded as the cornerstone of the western free market economy which aimed at the industrialists,moguls and the privileged factions of the society and subsequently changed it for the benefit of the people who worked hard day and night yet it was difficult for them to meet their daily ends, yes I am talking about the proletariat or the wage earners,these people were responsible for the industrial revolution in england at the end of the 19th century which ultimately paved the way for british imperialism and colonialism.Marx was an iconoclast of his age, a radical free thinker who believed in the equality of all and believed in class struggle to achieve this target.marxist theory aimed at the populace,for their emancipation and development, for raising their living standards.his theory is a true humanitarian theory,a theory which shuns all superstitions and religious bigotry, he argued religion to be an instrument of political repression for the masses which divides the people and ties them to shackles which they can not escape from.instead of fatalist religious ideologies people should develop a free and rational scientific enquiry, temperament,knowledge and above all a true humanitarian spirit as religions are formed as a result of human intervention not divine as prophesied in religious doctrines. economist, sociologist and political theorist. His ideas are collectively termed as marxism by his many ardent followers around the globe and once it was the core ideology of various governments, he is the man who is hailed by the time magazine as the “greatest political thinker of the 20th century” due to his ideas and theories ranging from economics to sociology to politics he occupies the top echelon as the father of the modern sociology, he provided impetus for and aimed at the overall social development of the masses.

The motto of marxism “from each according to his ability” to each according to his basic needs” is a true one indeed as in the race for materialistic pursuits and materialism people have forgotten humanity.he argued that human greed is inevitable and inexorable and compared capitalism to neo age colonialism,it is quite evident today, if we look around us and witness enterprises and companies whose sole purpose is to foster ways to promote the american hegemony. The views of marx in this aspect can be compared to the apostle of peace and non violence -Mahatma gandhi who said that”their is enough in this world for everyone’s need but not enough for everyone’s greed.

Marxism if implemented properly and without any malaise can be compared to the ancient sanskrit conception of “:vasudev katumbkum” which is mentioned in the ancient hindu texts and which means that the world is a big family, a big entity where shouldn’t be any discrimination on the basis of caste,creed,race,ethnicity or the nature of work.

According to marxs doctrine work is not a liability but a mans social responsibility towards his society and eventualy to his country.It aims at social empowerments of the weak,the downtrodden and the victimized and exploited factions of the society,it helps in eliminating social evils by educating and reforming the society and inculcating a humanitarinan spirit in them.

By the end of the 1990s the year that witnessed many radical geopolitical changes and the fall of socialist regimes throughout eastern europe marxism was considered a failed and impractical theory, but it was human avarice that let this system down and the capitalist propaganda machinery.

What we call as globalization was a concept put forward by marx the only difference being he labelled it as the “interdependence of nations”which was a far more ethical concept.

The ultimate triumph of marxism was the prediction about the inherent flaws of capitalism and the eventual decay it would bring in his theory of “Dialectical materialism” which was bona fide in the american subprime mortgage crisis as well as the euro zone debt crisis,it again makes us to ponder on his very saying that capitalist system would fail by its inherent flaws caused due to inexorable avarice. The legacy of marxism is that it is alive even after being dead. Its resurrected back from the grave,european journalist Christopher hitchens,considered a man of ferocious and unmatched intellect highly applauded Marxist theory in his article “The revenge of karl marx” which stated that modern trade and commerce would eventually decline without interventions and marx’s predictions might come true, what I need to convey is that marxist theory be amalgamated with the modern economics for the betterment of the people,various movements even in the free market countries viz the “occupy wall street” protests in the united states ,a country where top 2% of the population controls 90% of the wealth and assets,take the case of russia,in a recent bbc report it was clearly reported that the income of the bottom 40% of the population is even less than what it was at the time of USSR,forget about entitlements.

Resources are limited,wars and clashes are commonplace,morality is a thing of distant past, for all the betterment of the people and owing to the great dissatisfaction of the middle class and wage earners in many countries,there is certainly a need for change and a new ideology which would be none other than-Neo marxism.

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