Compensating the Survival

 Compensating the Survival

Striping personalities
from deity to demon, and
demon to human
tripping with the soul menders
from hell to heaven.

Concealing stereotypes and diplomacy
behind the hapless white attires
befooling the dying and hungry
feeding them promising satires

Segregating the best breed
from the hounds of animus
inhabiting them in luring cages
leaving the mourning in more scares
as the revered regretful sages.

Costing every drop of sweat
and every single minute
where people fall in the trap and cry later,
they failed to understand
the ugly debater.

Again on the sick dais
dressed in brazenness
he will take the oath
a pledge in order to a sacred nation
hoisting the same saffron cloth.

No one to curse
the blasphemous devil
he will celebrate your death
your existence will be compensated
with every sustaining breath.

contributed by : ESHITA


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