Prashant Sagar

The RIGHT was never right.There was nothing left in the LEFT. Thus here is a boy opening the gift boxes of horizons in search of a new ideology.

“जंगल से आती लाल आवाज़ “

“जंगल से आती लाल आवाज़ “ जंगल से आती सारी आवाजों का रंग देखा है मैंने ; शहर का हूँ इसलिए अव्वाज़ सुनिए नहीं देती दीखाइए देती है ; पहली आवाज़ का रंग हरा था ; उन् आवाजों से भला कौन डरा था | शहर बदला , इंसान जंगल मे…

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The New Boy at School

The New Boy at School Somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean there lies a small island nation Indopia. The story is not too old and not too new it’s of that imperfect time when the time was waiting to get perfect for that “new boy at school”. A…

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Republic Day is Here Again !

26th January 2014, and if you keep the count it is 65th Republic day. The nation has come a long way since the makers of the constitution drafted the “holy book” of the largest democracy on the planet. I remember going to school every Republic day since kindergarten years. But…

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Founder’s words

The idea of Yuva Revolution was born in 2010. My board exams were over and with a plenty of time left I decided to do a bit of social-research. I was curious why even after so much atrocities the democratic system stands firm. This curiosity took me to several villages…

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