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The idea of Yuva Revolution was born in 2010. My board exams were over and with a plenty of time left I decided to do a bit of social-research. I was curious why even after so much atrocities the democratic system stands firm.

This curiosity took me to several villages and slums, and I was amazed that even the uneducated people were quite politically aware(in some cases even more than the educated ones) and they were actually quite upset with the whole system. All they needed was a voice to represent them. Someone to stand with them against the atrocities being faced.

Being politically active I had options to join different political “student-association” but then I realized that they restrict the vision and impose their ideology. I wondered can there be an organization where people from different classes and ideologies co-exists work together for the betterment of the society.

As a result of these wandering thoughts was born a small facebook page named “Yuva Revolution”. I started writing my experiences with the only companion being my friends Priyank and Gautam.

Soon,as the college season started they all got busy. I used to personally message people asking them to read my work and once during that I met one of the most wonderful and creative person I ever met, and she was Dimple Negi.

Dimple came up with many great ideas to build up the whole organizational setup.She provided a much needed creative base and a push to make it bigger.We were just 17 then, but our dreams grew wings we decided that one day we will build it up into a real meaningful organization which can bring up positive change.

Soon, we were joined by yet another wonderful person named Shantinath. He had his own ways of working and a distinctive style of writing and yet another dreamer like me and Dimple. With Shantinath came much needed maturity in our work.

To understand activism I started traveling with a quite alike friend, Bhawani Shankar Singh. We traveled to Bhopal from Bangalore to understand the activism behind the Bhopal Gas tragedy and we met the *voice of Bhopal*, Shatinath Sarangi. We understood how deep devotion is required for a movement to succeed.

By the time Yuva Revolution family was increasing in number we had Mehul Sharma, janak chauhan, Wishyash Bansal,Akshay Aggarwal and Angana Sengupta. Mehul gave a fresh leftist approach to the group.Janak and Wishyash being law students gave us a strong law background and hopes that we can get the organization registered in future. Angana and Akshay being a wonderful writer added new thoughts into the organization.

We kept on growing,and we found we are making small positive changes. We helped a village to get a school and another to get electricity. We started creating awareness about RTI. Soon, we also chose to support the cause of Right to Recall(RTR).

Though we actively participated in Anna Movement but we tried to keep our organization politically unbiased like always. From right to left every ideology had a space in YR.

Soon, many enthusiastic young people joined in like Ravi Kant,Ankur Goswami, Kaushal, Utsav, wasim,shivangee,Anish, Arup,Vaibhav, Kumar Shubham,Harkirat,Asif Rizvi,Yash and many others. Each distinguished in his/her own way. Each with almost a different ideology and different perspective.

Presently we are under registration, with Shantinath and Ravi Kant being the first directors officially and rest being the board members.

Most of us are from different states and most of us have never personally met.Every member associates itself with a distinctive ideology yet we all stand together determined to make positive change in this nation of various colors of ours.

We are “Yuva Revolution”

About Prashant Sagar

The RIGHT was never right.There was nothing left in the LEFT. Thus here is a boy opening the gift boxes of horizons in search of a new ideology.

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  1. Well I might have given a fresh leftist approach to the group, but as of now, I harbour no political ideologies … I do have an inclination towards eastern philosophy though 🙂

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