Shachi Kaul is a web enthusiast and a compassionate writer from INDIA with utmost dedication, determination and positive attitude for serving humanity. With a coffee running through her veins, she passionately battles each day, enhancing her creativity! She enjoys in exploring different people and surfing internet like discovering some interesting websites. She spends her quality time in playing musical instruments and preparing powerpoint presentations as well.

Bifurcation- Fashion of INDIA

We are one! Zero tolerance power for more divisions of my Country.

Bifurcation- Fashion of INDIA Bravo for INDIA n’ standing applause for all those “freedom fighters” for that auspicious day when Britishers gone forever from INDIA. That memorable day 26th January, 1950. But are they really gone? This question demands a true answer. Yes, although they are physically but with my heavy…

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C’mmon, Live Your Life

YOU, the only CREATOR of your own life!

C’mmon, Live Your Life The way you want, the way you like The way you live happy and delight… Life is short, enjoy it full Coz time always tease like a bull… This hustle-bustle defines your life So, try try and just try all to fight… O’ friend! Ready steady…

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