” When we were together “


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When happiness was so much & tears were rare,
Missing the days, when we were together………

We used to tease and laugh a lot.
We fight for the things, we never got.
We hanged out day and night.
We make things wrong, just to make them right.
Missing the days, when we were together

Still I am waiting for you my friend, to hold me tight.
Still I am working hard, to make things right.
In a hope, to make it happen again,
like the sun, rises in the rain.
Missing the days, when we were together

Now and then I close my eyes just to make one wish,
May the rainbow of our love spread everywhere,
And when I open my eyes, I just wish, you to be here.
Missing the days, when we were together.

We all have best buddies in life,
who made us laugh in toughest of time.
But then somehow, they got separated,
leaving behind the piles of memories to cherish and rhyme
I dedicate this to all my friends and family
Because, I miss those days, when we were together. 🙁

About Ankita

An engineer by profession , I believe inspirations can be drawn from anywhere while assembling them into a structural thought and giving those thoughts a shape and color on a piece of white paper is my part time job.I enjoy places, cultures and cuisine with utmost pleasure. My message to all " Be human, Be you"

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