Thank You Volunteers !!!

#Davangere : Thank You Volunteers, for helping in fund collection(for Uttarakhand Flood relief). On such short notice, that too during University exams fund raising was a real difficult task.
Hats off to you all. !!!!

From Right hand side clockwise :
Keshav Chauhan
Anurag Kumar
Parijat Kumar
Shradha Sinha
Shashidhar Hegde
Jyotsana Sinha
Bhawani Shankar Singh
Vasudha Uttam

Resolution For ‘Revolution’

We are really thankful to all others unnamed volunteers, from other parts of the nation who rose up to the occasion and in spite of it being an exam season in most universities they worked hard for the victims of uttarakhand’s flood. Hats off to all !!

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