Walking through the lane slowly.

With beautiful people around,

I’ve never felt lonely.


Mind ,filled with anxieties pushing to run.

The heart pumping with hope and faith,

Compelling to relax in a hair-bun.


The days being sunny and rainy,

bright and dark.

I ask myself if it’s worth it,

but that’s how you leave a mark.


It all depends on how you nurture.

And life is no fun,

Unless it’s an adventure.


Now that I’ve realised,

people come in your life and go.

I’ve come a long way.

But it’s just a beginning,

I know.


Is it a need of love that I am craving for ?

And then I say to myself,

O poor girl !

It’s nothing but a mind war.


Some say that it’s not the right time for love.

But then there’s no harm either,

For the first one being as pure as dove.


A time will come when I’ll have to choose,

that time is not far.

And then i wonder,

if I have anything to lose,

But success has no bar.

~Akanksha Gupta

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