A Success story from Coimbatore

How an orphan girl from Coimbatore helped her orphanage through her hobby.

Heard this Interesting success story at a workshop :

There is a girl in Coimbatore. She is an orphan and got admission into a B.E college along with a regular scholarship.

Now, her hobby was to collect ‘Bus Tickets’ , and though she was given an option of college bus she chose to travel by public bus just for the sake to continue her hobby.
For everyday she had to change 2 buses in between her orphanage and her college. She asked the conductor to split tickets for her meaning instead of buying a Rs.7 ticket she used to buy one ticket of Rs.3 and two tickets worth Rs. 2 each.

In Tamil Nadu if you return tickets to the RTO office, they pay you something in lieu of that not sure but some mere amount of 25p per ticket(as they recycle those tickets to make new tickets again). The girl of our story knew that so at the end of every month she used to go to the office and take money in return of tickets collected by her.

“And With this money she ensured at least a good treat for kids living in the orphanage”.

After few months in college she made many new friends,and this gave her an idea of starting a chain to collect tickets. So she requested her friends to give her their bus tickets to her(which were obviously thrown by them). Later her friends started giving her tickets collected from their parents too and introduced her to many people who traveled regularly by bus. Thus at the end of every month the number of tickets started increasing and she became a known name in the RTO office.

Later the RTO official came to know about her and they suggested her to start a proper chain to connect people who travel regularly by bus and hence an efficient way to collect back tickets.

Thus she started earning more and hence lending proper financial support to her orphanage which was seeing tough days.

In her final year there was a chief guest in her college who was someone with high name in the company named Pricol(they make speedometers), he heard this story of courage and entrepreneurship and was impressed and offered her a job in his company with a Salary of 1 lakh per month.

The girl today helps the orphanage where she grew up in every possible way, her venture is still working and possibly controlled by her only as ticket collection is still her hobby.

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