Silver Linings Playbook Review

A positive love story of two negative people, who are actually positive together


[usr 3.5]

I saw Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 when I was completely out of flow in watching movies, I didn’t like it much that time. Recently after watching American Hustle where I really found Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence so good. So, this made me watch Silver Linings Playbook, and I just fell in love with it.

Even though the movie has a typical rom com ending, but I felt truly it deserved. The movie is full of humor all the way, their problems also seem fun to you, like Robert De Niro plays a superstitious father who suffers from OCD, and loves football. I really loved the characters, I loved the whole family dynamics, leaves you with a warm, pleasant, happy feeling. This movie has some surprising twists and turns, and that just makes the movie better.

It’s a complete film with brilliant screenplay, good music and cinematography. I’m certainly a fan of David O Russell now.

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