‘SHE’ is the most beautiful and powerful creature;

Yet, ‘SHE’ is the most compressed;

‘SHE’ faces the hardship of all kind

For ‘SHE’ considers herself   weak and blind;

‘SHE’   is the ocean of kindness and love;

For ‘SHE’ gives   a child birth;

Her love is unconditional;

For ‘SHE’ is the most rational;

‘SHE’ is the epitome of humanity;

‘SHE’ has the highest degree of versatility;

Still, ‘SHE’ craves for freedom and equality;

Society jokes about her; society ridicules her;

Society accuses her; society disguises her;

For societies forgets ‘SHE’ is the sole creator;

History has it that ‘SHE’ faced humiliating violence;

At the hands of her own people;

Where lust and greed overtook their commonsense;

It resulted in a great war;

But ages gone;

Still no lesson is learned;

What else to praise about;

For her humanity will always yearn.

Author:- Ritesh Prasad

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