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It was probably in August 2010 that I came in touch with Yuva Revolution through it’s facebook page. Just came across one of it’s post, liked the page, and thus the journey began…. My argumentative, analytical mind loved discussing on various topics being put up on the page. I still remember being awed by various insightful, impressive comments made by some of it’s oldest member like Meru, Rakhi and Shailendra. Very soon I was inducted in the admin team by Prashant. The admin-journey has been very enriching in its own typical way. There had been several ups and downs as an admin, that I still vividly remember. As a student, it was very difficult to spend time on-ground, to bring difference around us. But we all (and I myself too) were working on our own individual capacities in our regions. What had been lacking, was a unified, organisational effort on our part. The efforts were always ON in this direction too. With the registration of our NGO soon, and with an ever increasing dedicated members, I am sure very soon we will be able to put up a good organisational framework in place, letting our presence felt all across the Country.

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An avid thinker, blogger, and tech-enthusiast, when not busy with his regular job, he likes to think what he can do for others.

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