Sentiments are hurt?

Senti-mental people are the greatest threat to the principles of life and liberty, today. Historically speaking, sentimental people have committed various atrocities against deviants. In the current scenario, they have become more dangerous than wild animals. In my view, the crux of the predicament isn’t “sentiment”. It’s basically an incoherent structure behind the production of sentiments.

I am accepting the universal fact that humans naturally tend to be sentimental but there is nothing wrong to ontologically question the episteme of sentiments. Anyway, saying that “my sentiments are hurt” doesn’t mean “you’re making sense”.


I am accepting another fact that people have free speech to express their dissonances or disagreement, but it should not cost the conscience of free speech at all. Would you really like to compromise with convictions, eh? The best way to deal with sentimental people is to condemn sentimental people with more coherence, facts and butthurt-ism (fill the butthurt form, if needed). Stay brave and proud!

In one of my article “sociology of sensitive people“, I have highlighted the characteristics and implications of this tribe. The crux of the predicament is that sentimental people are too irrational than rational. To begin with,

(1) I don’t have any general idea about the calculations or tools applied by sentimental people in determining the status of offensiveness.

To add more,

(2) which methodology is basically applied by this tribe to differentiate between offensive and inoffensive ideas?

(3) What makes a particular idea or ideology to enjoy the status of unquestionable privileges?

(4) Do idea have rights?

(5) At what level or ratio, sentimental people are notionally confirmed on getting hurt?

(6) Till what extent, sentimental people are able to justify against subjective perception?

(7) Does it prove that sentimental people are inherently and cognitively weak?

(8) Do words have feelings?

(9) Why sentimental people are unable to rationally ignore “offensive” ideas?

I am waiting for the brutal refutation of this article and for surely my sentiments won’t be hurt.

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