An Open Letter to Nitish Kumar-The Chief Minister of Bihar

10th July 2012
Subject: Is the development of Bihar, just a propaganda
Respected sir,
Just two days ago we had the first monsoon shower in Patna, after the summer heat it was much of a relief but do you know when I stepped out of my house just for an evening stroll I was shocked to see the whole area flooded as if we had faced one week rain not a shower.

The whole Kanarbagh area of Patna was flooded with water, and people were walking carefully trying to avoid the open manholes which were now covered with water. The rain water mixed with the drain water was all over the road, and giving a stinging smell, but the thing is people were perfectly normal with that, after all its sign of our development, isn’t Mr. CM.

Then I visited the area around you the elite class lives, the roads were perfectly clean and well maintained, no water logging anywhere. But I noticed one thing which I wonder do you politicians notice or not, you know the area where you live got many small shops with child labourers working in it; I also saw a slum nearby and a big open drain just near the secretariat gate. Do you people have black glasses in your cars Mr. CM; can’t you see the problems of even the area where you people live??

You know I am not even talking of the degradation of education under your rule or the increase of the crime rate, or even the murders of RTI activists, by UNKNOWN criminals, I am just talking of simple things, I am not even talking of whole Bihar, just one city is what I am talking about, the capital city Patna.
I have seen cops and officials openly taking bribes and you claim to be clean, the question is are you really a development man as you claim to be sir?? You might say that you don’t have a magic wand like most of your political counterparts say when questioned about their work, but do the maintenance of roads, drains etc that too in the capital city needs a MAGICAL WAND?? If yes then what work are you people doing without the magical wand please let the masses know.

For how long will you blame RJD for the conditions of Bihar?? This is your second term and you must be dreaming of the third too, don’t you think you people are actually no different than the ex-government of RJD. The only difference is that JD (U) government is managing (read paying) the media well and RJD was foolish to not recognize the power of media and a public image.

When you were first elected, even I was hopeful and I visited slums of Patna to know the views of the real needy people. You know they all had high hopes from you. They dreamt of a better life under you but those slums still stand there, no sign of improvement.

I am sorry to say but at times I feel my family did a mistake by voting to you, but again the question that everyone asks in Bihar is if not Nitish then who?? After all you appear less corrupt (at least in public image), but beware Mr. CM, “ ye public sab janti hai”( the masses knows all) . The day people find a better replacement to you, the throne and the crown will be no longer yours.

Restore the glory of MAGADHA.

With hopes,

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